Fitting and looking after your REDmarble Touring Caravan cover.
Firstly , fitting the cover to your caravan:
You may have noticed the cover is packed in its bag inside out. This is done on purpose to make fitting it easier.
Take the cover out of its bag and sort out the front from the back. It is the shiny silver side out. Don't unroll the cover yet; if you haven't got the shiny silver side then you have the back.
To install on your caravan, slide the sections of beading into the awning rails on each side.
Holding the cover against the front of your van, connect these straps to the buckles on the cover. Adjust and pull tight when everything is buckled together.
To pack the cover back into its bag, simply reverse this procedure.
To clean your cover:
Use warm soapy water (washing up liquid is fine), and sponge the cover down. Probably easiest done while in place on your caravan.
Don't put it in a washing machine! The fabric treatments will not withstand this.
If any oil or grease gets on the cover, a degreaser such as Gunk can be used.
It is best not to cover a dirty caravan, but if any dirt does get on the underside of the cover, again sponge it off with warm soapy water. Also, if your caravan is dirty, beware of the cover rubbing the dirt against your paintwork.
Beware of any sharp points.
Under conditions of heavy rain, if the fabric is in tight contact with the caravan, surface seepage known as wicking can occur. Because the fabric is 'breathable' moisture will evaporate through the cover and therefore the caravan will dry with the cover on (subject to weather conditions).
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