Installing and looking after your REDmarble InsuScreen fitted van & motorhome insulated windscreen cover.
Fitting your cover:
  • The InsuScreen cover fits on your motorhome using both front doors to securely hold it in place.
  • The easiest way to fit it is to open one door and hook the cover over it. Close the door and take the cover round to the other side and hook over your other door.
  • Whilst closing your other door, adjust the positioning of the cover.
  • Finally, put your windscreen wipers on top of the cover.
  • With our reversible InsuScreens you can have either the silver side out or the burgundy side out. Fitting is exactly the same in either case with our unique reversible flap for fitting over the doors.
To clean your cover:
  • Use warm soapy water (washing up liquid is fine), and sponge the cover down. Probably easiest done while in place on your van.
  • Don't put it in a washing machine! The various proofing treatments will not withstand this.
  • If any oil or grease gets on the cover, a degreaser such as Gunk can be used.
  • It is best not to cover a dirty van, but if any dirt does get on the underside of the cover, again sponge it off with warm soapy water.


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